środa, 12 grudnia 2012

Say it loud, say it clear! In Bitcoin we trust !

I belive in Bitcoins and I made big mistake. Just want to write about this, so maybe someone will not do the same.

More than week ago I decided to buy more Bitcoins. So I transfered more than 3.3k USD to the MtGox. I was little bit confused when they told me that it may takes about a week to get the money on my account. They asked me about my ID, so I sent. They asked me to feel out some forms where I had to leave a lot of information about me. I did. But each one step was more and more painful. The problem wasn't with MtGox of course, problem was with me. I googled: mtgox transfer issues . And then I found that a lot of people called MtGox as a scam. Then I feel what does it mean when your money disappear.

It was me who didn't read agreement on their website, it was me who didn't read about the security procedures provided by MtGox. So , I posted a few negative comments on their facebook page, I sent a lot of email to MtGox support. And what ? And the money show up on my account.

During these painful days I noticed that there was more people like me, who were stressed. These effects combined can only mean one thing for Bitcoin - less trust. And we do not need it! So after I wrote in the web about problems with MtGox , now I decided to write about what had happened and put more trust into Bitcoin society.

So, now. Say it loud, say it clear. I can strongly recommend you MtGox as a place where you can store your money and your Bitcoins. Over MtGox I transferred more than 230BTC(3.3k USD) in a transaction without any problems.

I talked to one guy who knows guys from MtGox and he told me that they really care about clients, they just want to filtered all requests.

It's important to note that you may wait 2 or 10 days, but you will get it.

So I hope someone will read it and don't make the same mistake I did.

So MtGox - May the Force be with you!

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