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Curry and Ketchup, Oslo

The owner of this restaurant employs people illegally. My brother found the job in Curry and Ketchup one day july 2011. After three days the boss said "bring me permission for work then I will give you agreement". My brother couldn't bring it becouse there is no suach a thing like permission for citizens of europe. But boss said, no permission no work. So my brother was runing here and there between agencies without results. Finally I decided to go there and ask the boss what is going on. I told him that I know that he employs people illegally , but he began to laugh and said that he do not care about that. It was not nice to play like that with young man who is trying to find the job. The boss is not Norwegian.

So if you will find a job there, be sure that the boss give you agreement , or you will work illegally. 
Curry and Ketchup
Kirkeveien 53, Oslo, Norway

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