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How to Install Applications On Android

I want to install app on my Android and is relatively straightforward with the A.Market. All I have to do is to open searcher and search for an app I wan to get, after I will find , have to select it and click install, and that is all.

However, now its time when I want to install app I just did , but I don't want to use Android Market to do it. In these cases I have to manually download and install an .apk file.
This .apk file behaves in a similar manner to windows equivalent which is a “.exe” file , so I am going to copy it to my device and run it. Here are some ways I found how to do it , so using this eamples I can manually install an application without going through the market.

First of all, we have to Enable Unknown Sources. To do this, go to Menu -> Settings -> Applications and check the box marked “Unknown Sources“.

The solution is very simple, you just have to use some file manager , or dropbox, or you can upload file to some file server and download it.

When the file will be located on your mobile, then use one of your file manager and open it. New window should appear on ther screen using buttons you will be able to make full instaltion on your Android.

So as we see everyting come down to downland and run the file, nothing more.


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